Welcome To Our Project Website!

We’re building a new history of post-war Hull, focusing on the lives and experiences of the city’s people between the Second World War and the present day.

Hull is an incredibly important and interesting city that’s gone through enormous changes over the years – changes that tell us not just about Hull, but about Britain in the twentieth century. But, like other Northern cities, it’s been neglected in stories of the past. We want to change that by talking to locals of all ages – whether they’ve lived in Hull their whole lives, stayed in Hull for just a few years, or came to the city more recently. We’re collecting people’s stories through our workshops, events, and oral history series, and preserving those stories for the future.

What Is The Project Interested In?

The project wants to collect as much information, and as many memories and perspectives about the history of Hull, as possible, focusing on the period between the Second World War and today. We are interested in the lives and experiences of anyone who lives or has lived in Hull and the surrounding areas between 1939 and 2021.

We’re collecting stories of everything and anything to do with Hull – from the Blitz in 1941 to the City of Culture celebrations in 2017, from working on the city’s docks and moving to new houses on post-war estates, to shopping in places like Princes Quay and Bransholme Centre, enjoying open-air concerts in East Park and nights out at Romeo’s and Juliet’s, to swimming at the city’s ‘Slipper Baths’. The aim is to build up a picture of people’s lives and memories of the city over the last 80 years, and better understand what it means to be from Hull.

We’d love to know what people feel to be the most important moments in the story of post-war Hull, where they themselves have lived and worked, and what places in the city  people use in their daily lives. We are interested in everything from the most high-profile historic moments to the most everyday and personal memories – so please do get involved!

Why Are We Called The Half Life of The Blitz?

The Blitz has long been a pivotal moment for a local memory and storytelling about Hull’s past. People often recall that Hull was Britain’s most heavily bombed city during the Second World War, but that the city was excluded from a roll call of national sacrifice, which instead has focused upon emblematic examples like London and Coventry. 

We want to understand how historical moments like the Blitz shape the civic memory of places like Hull – but we also want to know what other moments, places, stories, and themes are important in telling the story of the city – and that’s why we want to talk to local people. Our project begins in the Second World War, but looks at all aspects of Hull’s identity and history since 1939 and up to today.

How Can I Get Involved?

We’re building a new history of Hull that has people’s own stories at its heart – so we want to chat to as many local people as possible. We’ll be starting our oral history series in January 2022, and we’d love to hear from anyone who is interested in doing interviews with James and Charlotte about their lives and interests in Hull since 1939.

We’ll also be hosting public workshops and other events over the course of the next couple of years, where you can find out more about the project and get involved. We post information on our workshops and events on social media and here on our website, but you can also email us directly at halflifeoftheblitz@gmail.com, or get in touch through Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. You can also start adding your stories to our online Memory Map right away.





Images courtesy of Hull History Centre and the Project Team.